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Tackling antisocial behaviour through film making

Tackling anti social behaviour through film making:

The project is funded by West Yorkshire Police Community Fund and IYSS. The aim is to work with young people who have been involved in crime or anti social behaviour and a group who have no idea why and what pushes people to break the law. The groups will lern skills of making professional films. It will be an informal way of learning but in reality will highlight many deep down issues faced by both groups. The project will lead to making a small documentary which can also be used by schools, Police  and other youth centres as a powerful resource.

The project will be carried out with the support of Neighbourhood Police officer PC Pete White House, Targeted Youth Support Services, Students from Kirklees College Media students and young people from within the community.

The project will start in June-July 2014. The young people will discus the issues, express through role plays, learn about film making,use of silver screen, over the shoulder shots, lighting etc and will produce a documentry which will be showcased for the members of the community inviting local councillors, school head teachers and staff from the police and Targeted Support Service. It will give the participants a sence of ownership and a powerful resource to be used across Kirklees West Yorkshire.

The project will inspire young people to expand their horizon and goals, deal with transition and become prepared for the real world.

It will make young people understand issues around antisocial behaviours and criminality.

Recognise the work of young people and enhanse the positive sence of contribution.

Create inter cultural learning.and understanding of the mis conceptions.

It will make young people aware of the consequenses of their actions, behaviours and attidutes.




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