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Easter Holiday Activities

Easter Holiday Activities 2014:

This is a projects aimed at young people 8-12 & 13-19 yrs old to have fun, enjoy , make new friends and try some new activities. The groups are segregated for all young people to have fun and not be shy. The Easter activity will run from 14Th-17th April. The young people will spend 2 Full days at Fanwood Scouts activity centre. They will take part in Caving, Crate Stacking, Archery, Low ropes, climbing a tree laddar 50FT tall and alot more. The activity will be followed by  half a day for each age group to learn about the enviroment, plant trees and make eco friendly bird feeders which they will make and take with them as a sovinier and hang up in their home gardens. The boys group 13-19 will be making convertable garden benches which will be used as activity tables for future projects.


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