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Cook and Eat Healthy

Girls Heckmondwike Food Project:

The project is funded by

The project will be open to all young females 13-19 yrs old. We are currently running a girls group in partnership with IYSS in Heckmondwike. Among the target group the food intakes are high in oil and calories. There are many common illnesses found in young people from this particular target group. High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and heart attack in later ages. The girls may be aware of healthy food but practically do not implement them in their daily life styles.

 During the project the participants will be visiting JAMIE OLIVER'S FOOD MINISTRY and take part in workshops to make a starter, main course and a desert in a professional kitchen.

We have planned to run sessions similar to "Come dine with me" in Heckmondwike. Where the girls will work in small groups of three. Plan and prepare a small healthy meal and share with their peers who will score them. In the end one team will win a healthy finger food hamper to enjoy among themselves.

The girls come from the local surrounding area. This project will give the young people a safe platform to experiment with new recipie's and ingredients. It will enable them to prepare meals on low cost which will support them to lead a healthy life style and change the mind sets. It will promote more positive and optimistic thinking. Worry, anxiety and depression will be reduced. The skills learnt during the sessions will be highly valued by the participants as they will be heading  off to universities and may be staying away from home so the aim is to equip them with life skills.

The project will also support young females to polish their whole body figure and mind to stay fit , reducing the possibilities of having  illnesses in the long run. It will develop their self esteem and reduce emotional stresses that girls face going through life transitions.

The food project will support participants with their well being and feeling proud with their personal identities. They will become good role models for other young girls to look


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