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About us...

UK Ambassadors CIC was set up by Ghufrana Qureshi in early 2013. With the research we had already carried out we gave the community an option what they would like us to deliver first. To our surprise... we were bombared with ideas which reflected the needs of the local community. We took a brave decision to go with the flow and take the ideas on board and deliver projects with the capacity we had and to engage other local organisations and businesses to join forces with us.

UK Ambassadors CIC has an international dimension, to host and take part in international youth projects and represent UK, Heckmondwike area, the community where we are based and the young people we work with on the map of Europe. We hosted our first international youth exchange of 26 young people in August 2013. This was followed by one in Jan 2014 in which we took participants out of UK under the Youth in Action programme funded through the EU to Estonia

We believe in giving all young people the chance to realise their potential, raise their aspirations and have their achievements recognised regardless of their backgrounds and prior stories of failure.

UK Ambassadors CIC started as a local initiative to engage young females to take part in projects outside school and develop their skills.We had a kick start by receiving our first funding from Heckmondwike Community First and thanks to them in believing that we can make a difference in the community we set off on this new journey. In our first year we have helped make a difference to over 250 young people and this number is increasing month by month, engaged young people in our own projects or representing us on other local projects. I feel great to say that all the young people we have engaged so far had no or very little experience of opening new doors in the settings provided through UK Ambassadrs CIC's partnership work. The young people took part in sport activities, volunteering, crime workshops, art projects, international youth exchanges and some towards their DofE award.

We would like to thank all the local organisations and especially Heckmondwike Primary school for supporting us  to take these baby steps and achieve our set goals. We have a lot to offer to the local community especially youngsters by enhancing their leadership skills, giving them the platform to plan and deliver, take part in making the future decisions and steering the organisation. So plse get involved and take the lead for a brighter future.



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